City of Kermit Texas

September 20, 2013


Kermit has joined the growing ranks of municipalities encouraging residents to bring reusable bags when shopping. On November 1, 2013, the Kermit City Council passed Ordinance No. 13-05 to ban the use single-use carryout plastic bags that pollute our environment and constitute a high percentage of litter across the country.

As of November 1, 2013, shoppers will no longer receive disposable plastic bags while shopping at Kermit supermarkets.

As of November 1, 2013, smaller drug stores, convenience food stores, smaller retail stores and grocers will stop offering disposable plastic bags.

Shoppers are encouraged to use reusable shopping bags whenever possible. Please note that small plastic bags will still be available in stores for fruits and vegetables.

Under the terms of the new law, stores will have reusable bags available for sale and will also offer recyclable paper bags for 10 cents each in lieu of customers bringing their reusable bags or simply carrying items purchased without a bag. The fees collected from bag sales will only go towards helping stores comply with the new law. 


  • Plastic bags make up 0.4% of the litter stream, but up to 25% of the waste stream.
  • An estimated .3% to 5% of plastic bags are recycled at a cost that is much higher than the cost of producing new plastic bags.
  • The average “free” single-use bag is used 12 minutes before being released as pollution in the environment or waste into the landfill.


  • No carryout bag –Few, small items that can be carried by hand; Items with handles; or Items packed back into shopping carts/baskets
  • Customer-owned clean carryout bag, box, cart, or basket
  • Store-purchased carryout bag (paper or reusable)

Bag Ban Key Points (R+E+D+U+C+E)

  • Reduce use of single-use bags: The bag ban prohibits single-use plastic carryout bags (flimsy, lightweight plastic bags).
  • Encourage the use of reusable bags: The average consumer in America uses 500 plastic bags each year.
  • Do purchase bags made with recycled content and that are reusable: In the United States, about 14 million trees are cut down to make paper bags annually.
  • Understand impacts: Plastic bags are produced from non-renewable resources. Less plastic and paper bags means more conservation of our limited resources. Use fewer resources by complying with the ban.
  • Cut costs: “Free” single-use bags are costly and the cost is passed onto consumers at checkout, and taxpayers pick up the bill for litter clean-up.
  • Eliminate Waste: Most "free" plastic or paper bag are used for 12 minutes before being released as pollution into the environment or as waste into the landfill.

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